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28th September 2020

Blockchains in a Bitcoin World - By Paddy Cerri at CryptoMondays

Watch Paddy Cerri present at the recent CryptoMondays event on the topic of "Blockchains in a Bitcoin world".

3rd August 2020


SpartacusRex explains how Decentralised Applications on Minima are just that, decentralised. Giving an unquantifiable amount of power to both builders and end-users of our dApps.

2nd August 2020


The why...

4th June 2020


Spartacus Rex comes to the realisation that whilst working on his 'beast' of a computer that he had neglected the one true device that everyone will be using Minima on... A mobile. Leading him to divert all his attention to optimising for mobile to great effect.

15th May 2020

The MetaCoin

Our Chief Blockchain Architect, Spartacus Rex, makes an analogy between the infamous MetaBaron comic & Bitcoin. One coin to rule them all. One chain to bind us all.

14th May 2020

Minima In Sixty Seconds

Want to get to grips with the key fundamentals that drive Minima but don't have the time to take a deep dive into the protocol? Here's Minima elevator pitch to get you up to speed quickly.

8th May 2020

Ergo Minima

Our Chief Blockchain Architect, Paddy Cerri, addresses the fundamental importance of a blockchain, censorship-resistance. How Bitcoin will eventually become threatening enough to reserve currencies for a state-level attack and how this belief led him to create a truly decentralised censorship-resistant cryptocurrency, Minima.

28th April 2020

The Duality Rant

Our Chief Blockchain Architect, Paddy Cerri, delves into Information and Value and the best means to transfer them on the Minima network. Introducing the concept of Maxima, our layer 2 infrastructure that will support off-chain transactions. Enjoy!

19th March 2020

Press release: Manx Telecom - Proof of Concept

Manx Telecom and Minima Complete Successful Blockchain Proof of Concept To Show Future of Payment.

4th February 2020

Money Makes The World Go Round...

There's a fundamental difference between BTC and ETH. A variable that almost defines the entirety of the argument between the two schools. Anyone watching the current round of mud-slinging between the two camps can take solace in 'The Minima Mindset'.

16th January 2020

A Tale of Two Cities

Our Chief Blockchain Architect makes an excellent analogy between Minima and Bitcoin - A Tale of Two Cities. Enjoy!

10th December 2019

What the Blockchain Ecosystem Should be Aiming for in 2020

Watch our Chief Blockchain Architect talking at Beer and Blockchain London about the current problems facing the cryptocurrency space today and where we need to be heading over the coming year.

14th November 2019

The Minima Protocol - Explained

Minima founder and creator, Paddy Cerri talks about the Minima protocol, how it works, and why 'total' decentralisation is the only way a blockchain can be sustainable.

29th October 2019

A love story - Confessions of a crypto coder

I’m Spartacus Rex. The guy who wrote Minima. Paddy Cerri is just the pseudonym I use in the real world, not the digital one.



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