The mobile blockchain

The evolution will not be centralised

A unique protocol

An ultra-lean and compact PoW blockchain, designed for maximum decentralisation.

Secured by collaborating users, not competing miners.

A complete node runs in full on a mobile phone or IoT device.

Features native tokens and smart contracts.

Why Minima is different

Maximum decentralisation

Each device on the Minima network is a complete node. Designed for maximum decentralisation.

Built for Mobile and IoT

Minima nodes are designed to run on mobile and IoT devices, requiring little storage or processing power.

Greener Proof of Work

Minima is engineered to use decentralised energy, making it the most sustainable PoW protocol.

The Minima Protocol

“We would achieve maximal decentralization of a blockchain network if every person on the planet owned precisely one full node device connected to the network.”

Joe Lubin, ConsenSys, April 2019

Key protocol features


TX-PoW allows co-operating users to secure the chain, rather than competing miners.

Cascading Chain

Total PoW is stored using a hierarchy of super blocks, significantly reducing storage needs.

MMR Database

Merkelized proofs allow users to validate transactions without having to store the entire database.

Download the whitepaper

"Decentralization is only a means towards the key to blockchain value, trust minimization, which brings a host of benefits: immutability, censorship resistance, global seamlessness, monetary and financial sovereignty. Other kinds of decentralization are security theater."

Nick Szabo (@NickSzabo4), on Twitter, October 2019

Enabler of Web 3.0

The world is becoming more connected. However, centralised systems such as banks and middlemen used to verify online transactions cannot cope - they're slow, expensive, unable to scale and vulnerable to cyber attacks.

First generation blockchain projects were seen as a solution to connect people and devices, but they have all suffered from a tendency to become centralised.  

Minima’s unique blockchain will create the most decentralised – and therefore secure – system for connecting mobile and IoT devices.  Every user is equal and stores their own data, enabling transparent and secure connectivity.  

"Miners are supposed to be people who mine because they have an interest in Bitcoin working securely. That doesn't require a fee market or subsidy. Mining is NOT supposed to be profitable."

Luke Dashjr (@LukeDashjr), on Twitter, October 2019

Minima for Enterprise

100% Verified

Successful code audit by Swisscom Blockchain AG, with a 100% pass rate and a testnet across three continents.

Live Testnet

After five years of development, the command-line testnet is now available on GitHub.

Proof of Concepts

Proof of Concept successfully completed in 2019 with Manx Telecom. Further PoCs in plan for 2020.



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