Minima Tokenisation

To create a totally decentralised network, tokenisation is essential. Minima is designed to let all users define their own value and rules for exchange, whilst providing a platform of trust. Creating the potential for frictionless trade and a freedom to generate value together. Aiming to foster new opportunities for growth through co-creation, co-ownership and open trade.

Why tokenise

Minima is designed to enable people to define their own value and rules for exchange. We believe that empowering users through tokenisation opens new possibilities for co-creation, co-ownership and flexible trade. Aiming to provide a platform for collective development and unlocking new potential for growth.

Value creation

We believe that tokenisation could revolutionise the way brands, businesses and people interact. Creating a direct connection from customer to service or product.

Using the power of peer-to-peer networking, Minima tokenisation could create people-centric experiences, that allow dynamic and flexible transactions that have not previously been possible.

By digitising assets, it's possible to create tokenised solutions for any product or service, creating limitless opportunities for brands, businesses and anyone looking to innovate and create.

Tokenisation with Minima could help automate services and create zero-touch partnerships, allowing the focus to shift to value creation.

Multiple use cases

Minima provides the opportunity to create tokenised systems across a multitude of use cases. Anything can be tokenised – from traditional assets, to online content or even utility services.

Tokenisation can provide a level of precision, flexibility and speed that enables you to sell your services or products in a completely new way. Customers could buy in small units, share them a multitude of times and then send their tokens when they’re ready to use them. Potentially all via the control of a mobile phone app.

Create experiences

Minima’s custom tokens could give the power to create new experiences for brands and customers with the potential to introduce a revolutionary new level of freedom, flexibility and possibility.

Each custom token could contain everything required to deliver a product or service, from peer-to-peer. Similar to the way in which physical coins are used to gain access to services such as a phone box, juke box or vending machine. Although unlike physical coins, tokens are unique and immutable, so they can be used to represent the authenticity and originality of a painting, for example.

Minima tokenisation could enable a fresh way of thinking, building and creating, to launch new products, services and experiences.

With the potential to open up to more potential customers, more potential sales and more engaging experiences.



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