IncentiveCash Program

What is the Minima IncentiveCash Program?

The Minima IncentiveCash Program rewards users for downloading the Minima app, then running and maintaining a complete node. The program is only available via the waiting list. Simply downloading a node does not enrol you into the IncentiveCash Program.

How do I get involved?

To join the waiting list, text NODE to:

Europe: +32 4602 03659

US: +1 66920 12374

UK: +44 74805 34656

AUS: +61 4858 66245

Any country via WhatsApp: +44 7897 018049

Or enter your number here.

How many coins can I earn?

You will earn 1 x Minima coin each day. These coins will be added to your balance weekly. You can also earn coins by finding bugs as a tester, participating in one of the test cycles. Let one of the team know in Discord if this is of interest.

Why is Minima offering this?

As we test and improve Minima ahead of our Mainnet launch, your assistance is precious to us. Together, we can collaboratively:

  • Assist in building the Minima network
  • Test how different devices operate
  • Find or fix bugs on the Minima Testnet
  • Perfect the Minima application and protocol for Mainnet launch
  • Help grow the Minima community membership and participation

What equipment do I need?

To participate, you will need an Android mobile (9.0 or above), PC, Mac or Linux. Minima currently doesn’t run on iPhone/iOS, but this is on the future roadmap.

Can anyone run a node and join the incentive program?

Anyone can continue to run a node; however, if you have been invited to the incentive program, you will have an additional app to download and run. If you haven’t received an invite, there will soon be the opportunity to join a waitlist for the incentive program.

Will there be any updates?

In the run-up to Mainnet, there will likely be several upgrades to the system. These are known as 'hardforks'. Any earned Minima coins will temporarily be removed when these happen, and we will reinstate the exact amount after the update. Any Minima tokens created via the wallet on the testnet will also be lost during a hardfork.

What MiniDapps will run?

For the launch of the Minima Incentive Programme, we will have a range of MiniDapps available. We will be re-launching and launching other MiniDapps over the coming months.

When will I get my coins?

Everyone in the IncentiveCash Program will get their coins at the Token Generation Event (TGE). This is scheduled to be in Q2 2022. To receive your Minima you need to be part of the IncentiveCash Program with an active wallet.

How do I report a bug?

Please head to the #download-and-bugs channel on our Discord Server. There you will find full instructions for raising your bug.

Should you need help doing so, contact any of the Community Team who will be happy to assist.

How can I find out more?

The best way to learn more and ask questions is to join our community channels below:



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