Minima is on a mission
to make blockchain accessible to all

Join us to help us
build a better future for everyone


Run a node

Help build a network for individuals to freely transmit information and value

Download and run a node on your android device to participate in building the next era of decentralised web infrastructure. All you need to do is download the Minima app on an Android device and run the Minima client in the background. The application will use no more storage space or battery life than a regular messaging app.

By running a node, you are helping us expand and secure our network, making a truly decentralised blockchain a reality. During our test-net phase, we will be running an incentive program that will offer everyone who runs a node the ability to earn coins for their support. Our Incentive Program will be starting in Q3 2021, check back here for news on how to sign up.

Download the app

Build a MiniDapp

Create a new way for individuals to interact with decentralised apps on mobile

Just as the smartphone created a new way for individuals to interact with mobile applications, Minima is creating a new way for individuals to interact with decentralised apps via their mobile.

From the protocol level to end-user interaction, accessibility is at the core of Minima’s ability to achieve mass adoption of the decentralised web. That is why we would like you to participate in building decentralised applications on Minima, so that together we can create an open ecosystem of fully decentralised and user-friendly applications for everyone.

Help us create a decentralised application ecosystem that is as familiar, and easy to use, as your favourite app store today.

Build a MiniDapp

Incentive program for devs

Participating has never been easier.

To bootstrap our ecosystem and ensure it is as secure and developer-friendly as possible for mainnet launch, we are incentivising builders like you to help us create tools, raise awareness and build infrastructure. Our incentive program will go live in Q3 2021.

Here is how you can contribute.

  • Build a decentralised application on Minima (MiniDapp)
  • Find or fix bugs on the Minima Testnet
  • Help us build and improve our community as a Minima Ambassador