Complete decentralization

Everyone is an equal participant on a network that is autonomous and inclusive


Run a node & earn coins

Help build a completely decentralized network of value exchange

The Minima IncentiveCash Program rewards users for downloading the Minima app, then running and maintaining a complete node. You will earn 1 x Minima coin each day.

The program is only available via the waiting list. Simply downloading a node does not enrol you into the IncentiveCash Program.

To join the waiting list, text NODE to:

Europe: +32 4602 03659

US: +1 66920 12374

UK: +44 74805 34656

AUS: +61 4858 66245

Any country via WhatsApp: +44 7897 018049

Or enter your number here.

Find Out More About IncentiveCash

Coming soon

We will soon be launching the developer incentive program, enabling everyone to build their own MiniDapps