MiniDapps are truly decentralised apps on Minima, that users host and run locally


Web 2.0, now on Web 3.0

Minima is able to run a totally scalable, and truly decentralised network, because of its unique mobile-native structure. This means that developers have the opportunity to build truly decentralised applications on a network with genuine scale, an active engaged community, using simple web-native coding language on a mobile platform that is accessible to all. We have built the platform and the community, now we are looking for developers to join us in creating the content that will drive the evolution of the ecosystem.

Easy to build, easy to use

For developers, a MiniDapp interfaces with smart contracts hosted on the Minima network and can be coded in Javascript and HTML5, with a rich feature set of well-understood components that can be tailored accordingly, including frontend, backend, database, file and network access.

For users, MiniDapps can be easily downloaded and added to your MiniDapp dashboard to then be used, just as one would download a regular app onto your mobile.

MiniDapp Hub

Our MiniDapps are ready to install and use, when you download the Minima app. Come and join our community and help us build greater utility for our users.

MiniDapp Hub

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