IncentiveCash Program Launch

Today we are delighted to announce the launch of our IncentiveCash Program that rewards users for running and maintaining a complete node on the Minima network.

As we test and improve Minima ahead of our Mainnet launch, working collaboratively is key to perfecting the Minima application and protocol. This is why we are excited for people to be part of building the network, testing how devices operate and finding bugs.

In return for collaboratively working together with us, users on the IncentiveCash Program will earn one Minima coin each day with their balance updated weekly. All earned coins will be issued at the Token Generation Event, currently scheduled to be in Q2 2022.

The reason behind the IncentiveCash Program is core to our philosophy at Minima. We believe that to create the most robust, secure and scalable network, everyone involved must play an equal part. To do this, Minima has made it far easier to run a complete (validating and constructing) node than any other blockchain. People can start running a node via a simple app download, using up no more space or energy than a regular messaging app.

Minima’s ease of adoption will drive the node count which is directly proportional to the resilience and scalability of the network. Having a few hundred, or even a few thousand nodes, does little to reduce the risk of an attack. Having centralized actors such as separate miners, producers and validators, limits the speed, scalability and security of what’s truly possible with blockchain technology.

That’s why our ambition to build a completely decentralized blockchain, with exponentially greater volumes of nodes than any other, requires the involvement of everyone.

The IncentiveCash Program is currently invite-only in our community Discord and Telegram group, but a waiting list will be active in the future for anyone to join.

In terms of equipment, IncentiveCash Program users will need an Android mobile (9.0 or above), PC, Mac or Linux. Minima currently doesn’t run on iPhone/iOS, but this is on our future roadmap.

For more information, please visit: