Blockchains in a Bitcoin World - By Paddy Cerri at CryptoMondays

Crypto Mondays is about like-minded people, who are passionate about Crypto, gathering to share their views and network with the goal of strengthening their local Crypto communities.

For September our speaker was Paddy Cerri, the chief blockchain architect of Minima.

Paddy is a crypto evangelist whose goal is to build a blockchain network that emphasizes user equality and increases global mass adoption of blockchain technology. He has 8 years of experience in coding and engineering within the crypto industry. A full-stack coder, he conceptualised the Minima protocol over the last 5 years. Drawing extensive coding and engineering experience from multiple areas ranging from physics engines, creating crypto exchanges, and launching consumer and tech-focused apps to 10M+ users.

Paddy's talk entitled "Blockchains in a Bitcoin World" covers:

- What does Bitcoin try to achieve and where has it succeeded?

- What are other blockchains trying to achieve and where have they succeeded?

- What is PoS / PoW?

- What is the point of decentralization?

- What is there left to fight for?