Our Vision

Minima is designed to be the backbone of a new, maximally decentralised, digital ecosystem, governed entirely by code whilst being operated collaboratively by each and every user. The world’s trust engine.

Core Philosophy

Minima’s philosophy has been clear from the start, decentralisation first. The reason for this single-minded principle is simple, it removes the corruptibility of human involvement. This is important. People, by nature, are fallible, and as such create points of failure within a system. This is apparent when looking at other trust systems - middlemen, intermediaries, counterparts, even governments have the tendency to fall down. They are inherently corruptible. Minima is totally trustless. No rulers, no forks, no miners, no fees. A complete system that just works.  

Maximum decentralisation

The path towards maximum decentralisation is one that no existing blockchain has the ability to achieve. Bitcoin for example, is becoming more and more centralised with its oligarchy of miners; Ethereum’s nodes have become bloated and are unsustainable, reacting with ‘on-the-fly’ fixes. Neither can live up to what is blockchain’s core objective, decentralisation.  

Minima has been created to address these issues from inception. By having the ability to run millions of constructing and validating nodes across the network, the attack vectors are all but gone. The result of this is maximum decentralisation.

Aligning incentives

Unfortunately, incentives create power and wealth for the select few. This leads to centralisation. With Minima there are no financial incentives.

Bitcoin’s block rewards have led to the industrialisation of mining. Run by an elite group of systemic influencers, akin to that of central bankers. This group ultimately has control of the network. This is probably not what Satoshi had in mind when he (she/they) set out to create a peer-to-peer electronic cash system.     

Minima recognised that these core issues had to be addressed in order to preserve network decentralisation, now and long into the future. Consequently, there are no financial rewards for running a Minima node. No block rewards. No mining fees. No compromises. 

The incentive for running Minima is decentralisation itself. A totally trustless protocol. A system that can be the foundation for all decentralised apps, products and services.

Systemic equality

Equality is essential for the success of decentralisation. Minima’s belief is that no user should be any more powerful than the next.

Minima will be freely accessible by anyone with a mobile phone or connected device. The code is completely open-source and publicly verifiable. This is essential if it is to replace the ‘trust’ systems, as they exist today. And, unlike current blockchains, Minima enforces protocol-level equality amongst the entire user base. No special treatment, with a totally flat hierarchy. An inclusive, fair and open base-layer protocol for anyone and everyone to participate equitably.

The Minima model requires a large community of users running nodes on mobile or connected devices. Ubiquity will be realised by inspiring collaboration and creativity within the Minima ecosystem. To do this, Minima will provide the tools, resources and documentation to inspire the community to build and create - from entrepreneurs and start-ups, to developers and enterprise. Everyone working in parallel, bringing to life the vision of systemic equality and maximum decentralisation.

the world's trust engine

This is a grand vision, but a vision that can be achieved through collaboration and participation with an engaged and ambitious community. Minima will create the platform and the tools required to build new, trustless ecosystems and economies across a multitude of usecases, for example: payments, finance, supply chain, rewards, ticketing, identity, voting, healthcare, communities, IoT, or simply a new way to access peer-to-peer financial services. The usecases are almost limitless. 

Minima will run seamlessly on all operating systems and all devices, without the need for additional hardware. Each user connected to every other user via an equitable code base. A system in which every member contributes equally, by design. No central coordination. No exclusive ownership. No points of failure.

Minima. The world’s trust engine.

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